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In a word... Safety! KickCovers provide an extra measure of safety for your customers by covering floor bolts and tie-downs for bounce houses and inflatables. Our specially designed, patent pending covers are made in the USA using durable yet lightweight polypropylene plastic. They take a kickin’ and… wait for it… keep your customers extremely safe!

Installation of a KickCoverTM is easy and should take less than five minutes. Once installed, you will instantly improve the look and safety of your business by hooding floor bolts and tie-downs. KickCovers come in four bright and fun colors that coordinate well with the common colors of inflatables. Available colors include Pear Green, Lemon Yellow, Orange Sherbet and Cornflower Blue.

Don’t wait another minute when it comes to safety, order your KickCovers today!

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Get your KickCover in blue.

$8.49 - $14.99

Get your KickCover in yellow.

$8.49 - $14.99

Get your KickCover in orange.

$8.49 - $14.99

Get your KickCover in green.

$8.49 - $14.99
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